Fun fact - your nails grow about a tenth of a millimetre per day according to Boston University School of Medicine. We called in the nail expert Liza of Polished Nails Atelier (the Sydney nail salon for those in the know) to ensure your new nail growth is strong, healthy and hydrated year long.

Could you share your top 3 tips for optimal nail health this Winter?

"Our philosophy at Polished Atelier is - The better the quality of the natural nail the better the Gel lasts. 

Our 3 Non-negotiable to keep the natural nail strong are 
  • Always get the gel removed professionally. Ripping it off takes a layer ( or several) off the natural nail, therefore thinning out and weakening the nails. 
  • Avoid Acetone and other aggressive dehydrators. With continuous use, the natural nail gets severely dehydrated and starts crumbling. Therefore after some time requires to “take a break” to grow out.
  • Balanced diet. Our body requires protein to produce a strong nails. This is where supplements play an important role."

Could you share 3 of your go-to well-being rituals?  (could be a daily walk, morning smoothie, favourite snack)

  • "I start every morning with a PEARL Marine Collagen & green shake (even when I travel, it comes with)
  • Daily walking - the goal is 10000 steps 
  • Skincare routine every evening"

What is the go-to colour of the season?

"Either a light semi-translucent pink or Dark Red / Maroon"

For optimal nail health, what are the at-home practices that we should be incorporating?

  • "Adequate protein in the diet 
  • Hydration for hands and cuticles (it also feeds the nail in the Matrix area - the root)
  • Apply sunscreen on hands - they need protection as much as the face"

Let's talk about SNS, Shellac, or Bio-sculpture. What is your weapon of choice to protect nail health long-term? 

"At Polished Atelier, we specialise in Gel. Gel Protects the natural nail like a “ helmet “ but still allows for the flexibility of the nail. 
We partner with brands with toxic-free products. Because our nails are porous and absorb what we put on them. As well as our artists who work with the product on daily basis. We believe Manicures and Pedicures should be an all-round safe experience."

What results have your clients been seeing with PEARL Collagen?

  • "Faster and stronger growing nails as well as hair.
  • Better elasticity in the skin - can see results after just over a month"

How do you take your daily serving of PEARL Collagen? 

"With great pleasure :) First thing in the morning with water and a green shake"

What is one piece of nail health advice you want everyone to follow? 

"For anything to serve us well, it needs maintenance. A car, relationship, appearance. It's a choice and we always have control over our own choices. 

As said by Coco Chanel “A woman’s hands are her business card” 
All it takes is:
  • A manicure - once a month
  • Hydrating mousse and cuticle oil - once a day "