Our Story

"Par Olive was born from my personal experience. After launching Par Olive as an online digital magazine in 2016, covering all things beauty and wellness, I was fortunate enough to try every collagen supplement out there. They promised the world, but cut costs where it really counted.

Par Olive was inspired by need. There wasn’t a product to my standard of purity or efficacy on the market, so I called in the professionals and made it myself. After more than two years of research with Australia's leading Dermatologists and Dieticians, Par Olive is finally here.

The Par Olive collection works from the inside out, stimulating outer radiance and internal wellbeing, with sustainably sourced ingredients and clinical trials to back its efficacy.

Our products contain only the highest grade wild-caught Norwegian marine collagen, sustainably sourced freshwater pearl powder and organic native Australian Kakadu plum to firm skin, thicken hair and strengthen nails.

Par Olive is Australia's number 1 Dermatologist recommended Ingestible Beauty product, stocked nation-wide in leading Dermatology, skin and hair clinics.

I cannot wait for you to experience the results, and I am honoured to have Par Olive as part of your ingestible beauty ritual.


Our Mission


As a proud 1% For The Planet Member, we commit to donating at least 1% of sales - not profits - directly to environmental organisations.

As a company, we believe that we have the responsibility to give back for the use of our planets resources, in addition to ensuring we are working towards being as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible.

At Par Olive, we proudly put people and the planet before profit.