A Moment With Olivia - April Favourites

Welcome to our new monthly series where we go behind the scenes with our Founder, Olivia Boyd-Smith.
Here are Olivia's April Favourites. 

All About Love by Bell Hooks
I have been devouring All About Love every evening before bed by Bell Hooks, which my dear childhood friend Ellen recommended. The book delves into how different forms of love through our human experience form the root of happiness, self-worth, compassion and social justice. It encourages oneself to approach love in all relationships with empathy and vulnerability, and delves into behavioural patterns integrated into society from childhood. I'm quite introspective, and I have had some pretty major learning and key takeaways from this book.

Something’s Gotta Give
Somethings Gotta Give is my ultimate feel good film I could watch endlessly. Over the weekend I spent my first Easter weekend away from my family in Australia since moving to New York City, and I found so much comfort watching this film. There's truly no match for the combination of Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.


Chocolate Olive Oil Cake
Anyone who knows me, knows my love for every form of dark chocolate (I have to have chocolate after lunch and dinner everyday) I have the ultimate sweet tooth! Over the Easter Long Weekend I whipped up one of my favourite recipes for a long lunch with friends. This recipe is so simple, with few ingredients and the perfect fudge like rich texture to finish off a meal. I serve warm with fresh raspberries.



Spring is officially upon us in New York City, so I've been enjoying afternoon strolls with some upbeat songs, or in silence taking in the hustle and bustle of the city. I have also been incorporating strength training 2 x per week to continue to build muscle for strength and longevity, in addition to my Fluidform from Home Pilates that I also do 2-3 times a week. I find the balance of weight training, pilates and walking leaves me feeling strong and aligned.


Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby by Cigarettes After Sex.
This song always brings me back into my body - I will often pop on and run a bath after an intense day of meetings.

Recently Obsessed With:

Facial Massage
I've been taking my time (more than usual) with my evening skincare ritual and incorporating a lot of facial massage. My dear friend Melanie Grant incorporates it into all of her facials in her skin studios, and I've adopted her approach to my evening routine to drain any fluid and minimise puffiness. I light a candle, use my Lesse Moisturiser for slip and Gua Sha for 2-3 minutes.



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