Achieve Stronger, Healthier Nails with expert Diandra Politano

The Australia-wide lockdown taught us that we are much more capable with our beauty regimes than we ever anticipated. If you are looking to naturally nourish your nails and forgo the gel polish, our PEARL stockist Diandra Politano can help you achieve strong, natural and chic nails year round in the comfort of your own home. Here, Diandra explains for to nail the DIY at home manicure:


The PEARL marine collagen supplement has been clinically proven to improve the condition of the nail plate. Strong healthy nails means any manicure, in salon or DIY, will last longer. I sell PEARL and my clients see dramatic results with this product. I love CND RescueRXx - this product is a keratin treatment which treats the nail plate when the nails are polish free. With regular use, nails look so beautiful, healthy and hydrated.


Soak them in warm water with a gentle foam wash (tip - you can use your face cleanser!) After 5 minutes gently push them back with a wooden cuticle stick, then use a loofah or nail brush to scrub away residual cuticle/skin.


If this is your first foray into the DIY manicure, I would recommend opting for short, clean nails. File nails back to desired length, ensuring all edges are rounded and smooth.


Orly bonder is my go-to base boat. After cleaning your nail surface, apply a thin, and even base coat. Wait until 100% dry before applying colour.


To ensure your polish is applied evenly, I recommend painting quite quickly to avoid polish drying. After you dip the brush in to get polish, swipe across one side of the brush completely and the other side roughly half way (depending on your brush) this ensures you do not saturate the nail. Let each coat dry between, not only so they dry quicker, but also because it makes for a much easier job.


Apply a high quality top coat evenly, the CND vinylux top coat is my personal go-to. Clean up around the nail with a tiny brush saturated in polish remover, after you have done the top coat, not before.