Dr Joseph Hkeik talks glowing skin, managing breakouts and the treatments of 2024

We spoke with Dr Joseph Hkeik, the Founder of All Saint Clinic to answer some of our FAQ skin questions. 

What do you recommend for a morning and night skincare routine for glowing skin? 

A gentle cleanser (vitamin B5) , an antiinflammation and antioxidants ( niacimamide, vitamin E, A, C resveratrol…) a bespoke moisturiser ( hyaluronic acid and peptides)  to suit each skin type with additional sunscreen ( I prefer Zinc)
Night routine must include a treatment serum to suit each skin and climate condition to address a specific or multiple concerns and nourishing cream to seal the serum into the skin.

What is your advice for someone suffering with acne? 

Firstly seek a doctor’s advice, diagnose before you assume and treat. There are many medical conditions that cause a skin breakouts and often get missed and ignored… before you start treatment.
Ingredients such as salicylic acid , lactic and glycolic acid, retinol and synthetic vitamin A derivatives, antibiotics cream all play an important part when addressing acne skin  and at times Roaccutane will become the most important solution ( always prescribed carefully

What are your favourite skincare products right now? 

Is Clinical Super Serum ( wonderful antioxidant for healthy skin), Is Clinical youth eye complex ( dehydrated Hylauronic acid to help hydrate the under eyes skin ) and Rationale #6 Night Creme ( vitamin A formula to support cellular turnover ).

What home devices do you suggest to clients? 

Best devices are the one at your clinic. I know from myself, I get gifted all sort of devices, we are all time poor and unless you are prepared to comply daily, best to attend to your favourite clinic and get an intense session every week. My skin Savior has been Healite (LED light).

What treatments do you think are going to be huge in 2024?

2024 is all about regenerative medicine, procedures such as  PRP(protein rich plasma), skin boosters, collagen stimulators ( all performed in clinic by the All Saint doctors), for best results supplement at home with skincare and PEARL Marine Collagen Superpowder.