Farmed v.s Wild Caught Marine Collagen

The good (there's not much) the bad and the ugly. I receive so many questions from our incredible community asking why PEARL opts for Wild Caught Collagen from Norway only. Here’s a little info (not to scare you, just to simply educate you) about most Marine Collagen supplements on the market.

Farmed Marine Collagen

  • Made from cheap fish byproducts (mostly fish scales and jelly fish caught in the farms)
  • Contain high levels of antibiotics, micro plastics and growth hormones from fish farms
  • Sourced from a variety of different regions (notice how most marine collagen never stipulate the kind of fish, or the region they are sourced from😰)
  • The lack of traceability means ZERO quality control as its coming from Brazil one batch, China, the US or France the next.
  • Made from fish scales and jellyfish which require harsh chemicals to process
  • The ‘Natural Flavours’ added - no no, that’s not blueberries in your collagen, they are chemical compounds covered as ‘Natural Flavourings’.
  • Some even contain Maltodextrin (highly refined corn thickener) which is just a cheap filler to bulk up product. 

If you are spending your hard earned money, taking a supplement each and EVERY DAY (the only way to notice real results from collagen) wouldn’t you want the highest quality and traceability?

This was the impetus for creating PEARL - I felt physically ill at the thought of consuming mass Marine collagen brands when I saw how/ what they were made from, so teamed up with the experts and created one with traceability, sustainability, purity & potency at the forefront.


Pearl Wild Caught Marine Collagen

  • From pure Wild Caught fish sourced from the North Atlantic Ocean in Norway, 100% traceability in every batch
  • Sourced from pure fish skin, no scales or fish byproducts
  • No preservatives, sulfides, peroxides, flavours or additives
  • Free from unnecessary fillers like maltodextrin and natural flavourings

Pearl Wild Caught Marine Collagen Superpowders prioritise purity, potency and sustainability. A new way to consume clean collagen with integrity.