Fluidform founder Kirsten King shares her Beauty, Health & Wellness Rituals.

At Par Olive we love our at home Fluidform workouts. We spoke with the Founder and our beautiful friend Kirsten King to learn more about her beauty, health and wellness rituals. 

What is your morning beauty and wellness routine? 

My mornings start before the sun comes up with some form of movement. Today I was lucky enough to get into the studio for a Reformer class but when I have less time, 20 minutes of Fluidform at Home is all I need to wake up the body and start my day feeling strong. My (very simple) beauty routine follows and starts with a hot and cold shower–this improves circulation, helps with muscle recovery and energy levels. I wash my face and hydrate with Rationale cleanser and créme, finish with SPF, some light foundation and mascara. I prioritise drinking a litre of water and fuelling my body with a protein-rich breakfast while I am getting my girls ready for before-school tennis or swimming. Today is our Fluidform green smoothie with a big scoop of PEARL Coconut Collagen.

What is your PEARL ritual?

If not in my morning smoothie, I will add a scoop of PEARL to my first coffee of the day. The unflavoured powder is perfect in the afternoons with a peppermint tea and Loco Love chocolate!

What are your nighttime rituals and practices?

Mornings can be a little chaotic in the King house so evenings are kept relatively commitment-free to allow time together. Our days finish late–my husband and I alternate after-school sports depending on our schedules–so dinner is often fresh pasta with lots of veggies, fish and salad or chicken, something simple and full of protein. We are all quite active so it’s important to me that my girls understand the power of healthy, nutritious foods on our minds and bodies. A deep stretch before bed and magnesium powder is essential for my sleep and recovery after movement. 

What advice would you recommend to someone starting on their pilates journey? 

For anyone new to Pilates, start by forgetting everything you think you know. Find trust in the process and believe that you can change and transform your body. Movement is about feeling comfortable and safe. These emotions ensure the body is relaxed and ready to move and find balance. The body and mine both need to feel at ease. 

What is your weekly fitness routine? 

I don’t have a set “routine” as such, given the nature of my work being so versatile. A large part of my work involves training with my staff, visiting our 6 Fluidform studios or filming workouts for Fluidform at Home, all of which require a lot of physical movement. The time between this is essential to remain consistent with my exercise coupled with active recovery – to allow my body to recover well, feel strong and balanced. In an ideal “routine” I am in the studio 2-3 times a week and Fluidform at Home every other day, a mix of my favourite workouts with boxing, skipping and stretching. 

What do you love most about your role as Founder at Fluidform?

The opportunity it has given me to help others and transform lives through movement! I’ve been witness to so many moments of emotional release, self-rediscovery and bodily empowerment – it’s a privilege and incredibly rewarding. 

Who is someone you look up to?

My mum. She taught me resilience and ambition.

You are happiest when.....

I’m with my family or helping people through Pilates! 

Album/mix that calms your nervous system…

Texas Sun by Leon Bridges and Khruangbin.

3 wellness products I love…

Liposomal Vitamin C – a high-potency vitamin C supplement I take daily.

And Aesop incense – for my mental clarity, focus and productivity.  

2024 looks like....

Focusing on the big picture stuff – following our dreams and finding the path to get us there! 

Within this, we have our first international Wellness Retreat in Fiji, with a second luxury retreat planned for the end of this year (a little closer to home). 

I have been working on two very special projects from different ends of the spectrum coming soon to Fluidform at Home – a movement program for Teens and a Perimenopause awareness and support program. 

We will welcome a new studio to the family in North Bondi – expanding our Bondi footprint with a highly personalised and unique studio experience.