When Should I Start Taking Collagen?

The question on everyones lips - when should I start taking collagen? If this has been top of mind for you, or a common question asked by friends when they see your glowing results from taking PEARL Marine Collagen , we break down the ageing process to equip you with all of the answers. 

Par Olive PEARL Marine Collagen

So, when do our collagen levels start to decline? 

From our mid twenties, our bodies natural collagen production starts to decline as part of the ageing process (how joyful). A diet lacking in antioxidants, paired with excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are all lifestyle factors that will also contribute to a faster decline in collagen production.

What are the signs of collagen production slowing down? 

When our bodies start to slow collagen production in the body, this is when you will start to see the first signs of ageing. These include lacklustre skin, the formation of fine lines, hair dryness and thinning, and weak brittle nails. 


What is the ideal age to start collagen supplementation?

As our Par Olive Expert and PEARL Marine Collagen Stockist Dr. Shyamalar Gunatheesan of ODE Dermatology often remarks, prevention is key when approaching skin, hair and nail health. This means starting on active skincare and supplementing with collagen from mid 20's when you start to see the first signs of ageing appear. 

Our PEARL Marine Collagen Superpowder delivers our hydrolysed wild caught collagen peptides to the bloodstream, which stimulates collagen production in the body to smooth fine lines, improve skin elasticity, strengthen hair and nails in a matter of weeks. PEARL Marine Collagen has over 90% absorption due to our low molecule weight to drive real, clinically proven results with your ingestible beauty regime. 

With collagen supplementation, consistency is key to see real results. We recommend incorporating PEARL Marine Collagen Superpowder into your day in a way which feels effortless for best results. PEARL can be added to your daily coffee, smoothie, tea, water, oatmeal or yogurt. 

How much collagen should I be taking?

If you are 25-35 years of age, we recommend taking 1-2 tsp. per day
If you are 35-45 years of age, we recommend taking  2 tsp. per day
If you are over the age of 45 we recommend 3 tsp. per day 

The key to seeing real results with our clinically backed ingestible beauty formulas is education and consistency. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us hello@parolive.com - we are always here to support. 

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