There are many beauty devices on the market from a crystal Gua Sha to Micro-Current Contouring and LED galore. So we dive into the question on everyones lips: What works and what doesn’t? What is the real deal and what is just a dupe?

Below we cover our P/O favourite beauty devices, what they do and what their benefits could be for you:



Skin Gym Face Sculptor 

Face sculpting and contouring are terms that have been used a lot in the beauty industry lately. But does it work and how do you achieve a more contoured face? Facial contouring and sculpting can be done with your hands and with tools made specifically for facial sculpting. The Skin Gym Face Sculptor is perfect for beginners wanting to try out face contouring to stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce fluid retention. The device is designed to mimic the results and feeling of a lymphatic facial massage (what Skin Gym clinics in LA and NYC are famous for). It works to release muscle tension and reduce facial fluid retention by fitting the contours of your face. The results? A more sculpted, radiant complexion.



Omnilux Contour LED Mask 

The Omnilux light therapy mask that can be used in-between trips to your skin aesthetician to amplify your results with no down time. The light therapy device works to reverse sun damage, signs of ageing, pigmentation, redness, dry skin and uneven skin tone. Omnilux is trusted by Dermatologists across the globe, with independent clinical trials to back its efficacy.
Simply pop on for 10 minutes in the morning of evening (whilst meditating, making your morning coffee, or drinking your evening wine) for multi-tasking benefits to boot.



NuFace Trinity Device 

The kick-start you need for your skin care regime with only 5 minutes needed to achieve a more contoured and defined face. This device works to tone and lift facial muscles by gliding along the contours of your face the micro-currents that work to firm skin, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines. Whilst this certainly isn’t in clinic HiFi, it will compliment and amplify any in-clinic treatments.



BeautyBio GloPro  

An award winning micro-needling derma roller kit the works to regenerate the skin cells leaving you with smoother and more youthful skin. Designed specifically to fast-track skin cell turnover with micro-needles that lightly pierce the skin causing micro traumas. This then refines overall pore size, whilst allowing serums and treatments to be absorbed more effectively into the skin. What’s more, this isn’t just a micro needling device, it also has LED red-light therapy to further drive skin rejuvenation and radiance.