Our Founder Olivia shares one of her favourite beauty destinations in the world to feel lifted, rejuvenated and refreshed on your next trip to Paris:

Upon planning my recent trip to Paris, one of the first things I did was book my Le Lift facial at the Biologique Recherche spa (because skin first, accommodation second). I think its safe to say that Biologique Recherche is a quiet achiever reserved to those in the know. The brand holds a loyal (and extremely high profile) following which includes the likes of Madonna, the Olsen twins, Alexander Wang, Nicole Richie and Anna Wintour. 

Biologique Recherche‘s cultish Parisian spa is located in a three-story terrace just off the Champs-Élysée. Every facial  is completely bespoke and customised experience for you depending on your skin requirements on that precise day. The CEO Philippe Alouche explains that “Your skin is not the same today, as it will be tomorrow or one week from now”. Therefore, each session begins with a Skin Analysis which utilises leading technology to measure and assess your skins sebum production, elasticity, lipidic shield (the skins ability to retain water), pigmentation damage and moisture levels. These results inform the aesthetician on which of the brands 300 products to use during your completely customised treatment.


I had the pleasure of seeing Malissa, who was truly emblematic of the Biologoque Recherche brand. Malissa was beautifully warm, impeccably well educated (and groomed) and a true expert in all things skin (I later learned that all aestheticians undertake one year of training at Biologique Recherche, followed by 6 months of shadowing other aestheticians before they are allowed to treat their own clients).

Malissa kicked things off by showing me to my own private and ultra lush treatment suite - consisting of my own lounge room, bathroom, dressing room and treatment room. We commence with my Skin Analysis- this is done using a machine that has micro medical probes which attach to different areas of the face. Malissa talked me through the process and explained that my skin was dehydrated around my cheeks (likely from my long haul flight 12 hours prior), whilst producing excess sebum around my forehead. This is an extremely detailed process which assisted Malissa in designing my customised facial to rebalance and rejuvenate my skin.

The treatment begins with cleansing and the application of Biologique Recherche‘s cult favourite exfoliating lotion p50 to remove dead skin cells and prepare the skin for treatment. Next, a mixture of masks containing silk extracts and natural amino acids are applied to different areas of the face to remove congestion build up which can slow down oxygen exchange within the skin. The masks are then removed with cool water as the brand believes cool water keeps the skin firm, and also protects the delicate enzymes within the products. 

Following my targeted mask treatment- its massage time. The Biologique Recherche French massage technique works on one side of the face at a time. The technique involves strong pinching movements and holding the ends of the facial muscles into particular positions. Malissa explained that this method helps manipulate the face into perfect symmetry whilst refining the face contours and reducing water retention. I walked out of my facial feeling moisturised and nourished from the luxurious serums and creams, like I was floating on a cloud from the stimulating massage, and like my skin had been completely renewed. 


Immediately following my treatment, my partner was waiting for me outside. He peered at my skin and announced, “your skin looks incredible!” and it truly felt it. My eyes appeared to look larger, my cheekbones more pronounced. To be perfectly honest, I can say with complete confidence that Malissa gave me the best facial of my life (and from a beauty editor, thats saying something).

Our PEARL Stockist Melanie Grant exclusively offers Biologique Recherche customised facials and products at her clinics in Sydney, Melbourne & Los Angles.