A good hair day is the stepping stone to ensure you leave the house feeling confident and radiant. Let’s face it, with the ever confusing hair isles, knowing your individual hair and what works can take years of trial and error to find products that work for you. So, we’ve teamed up to cover our Par Olive top 5 hair products that have been tried and tested for years by our team. Read below for our essentials to achieve nourished, healthy strong hair:

Par Olive PEARL Collagen Hair Health

1. SLIP Silk Scrunchie
Silk scrunchies should be an essential in your bag as they are the best on the go hair accessory. Gone are the days for hair ties that leave creases and pull and damage the strands creating breakage. Slip Silk Scrunchies use mulberry silk with no toxic dyes to provide the perfect durability for day to day wear. Silk scrunchies will keep your hair soft and protected, by reducing the risk of breakage and hair damage with less tension impacting the roots and strands of hair.

2. Mason Pearson Brush
A Mason Pearson hairbrush is a luxurious investment that will last you a lifetime. This hair brush has been loved around the world for 130 years by keeping hair healthy and giving your locks that softer and smoother sheen. With three different types of tufts these hair brushes are designed specifically to your hair type and requirements. It’s bristles sit in a hand made cushion pad giving you a scalp massage stimulating the blood circulation in your scalp promoting healthy hair growth.

3. PEARL Marine Collagen
Hair care can be treated and managed from topical treatments and oils, but to truly achieve healthy and strong hair it needs to begin within. Our PEARL Marine Collagen Powder is the go-to supplement to achieve thick, shiny and healthy hair. This beauty supplement nourishes and protects your hair from the inside out, while also nourishing nails and skin to create an overall glow. This ingestible beauty supplement provides the body with the key amino acids for collagen production, which in turn increases the body’s natural keratin production to drive hair growth and strength.
PEARL is wild caught, single origin sourced from Norway, with sustainability and traceability at the forefront. With consistent use, the clinical trials demonstrate stronger, thicker and shinier hair in 6 weeks of consistent use..

4. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub
In need of a scalp detox after over styling this holiday season? This purifying sea salt scrub is for you. This scrub cleanses, purifies and and restores balance by removing product and sebum build up for oily and sensitive scalps. Made completely with plant derived ingredients, the sea salt crystals gently exfoliate the scalp and improve the blood circulation which soothes tingling and itching from chemical build up and colouring treatments. This treatment will leave your scalp feeling rejuvenated and your hair silky soft.

5. Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector
This is the holy grail for treating hair damage. If you are suffering from heat or colour damage, this is the treatment to nourish and protect your hair from the outside in. The formula makes hair hair look and feel stronger and healthier, whilst deeply nourishing and repairing dry and brittle hair. Simply add a 50c coin amount to towel dry hair and leave in for 10 minutes once per week, or you can sleep with it in (add a hand towel over your pillow to protect) for extra hydration. This formula is sulphate and paraben free, and dramatically improves hair texture, shine and hydration.

Voila! These are our tried and tested favourites for healthy, nourished and strong hair.