We all know that nutrition plays a pivotal role in achieving a clear, luminous, lit from within complexion. However, with new diet trends and fads entering the market at a staggering pace, it can often become overwhelming and just downright confusing to decipher what foods we should be consuming for ultimate skin health.

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with the ever-glowing Dr Barbara Sturm to discuss what specific foods really do feed the skin from within for a balanced, holistic approach. We truly believe if you feed your body beautiful, nutrient dense food you will feel your best, look your best and achieve an effortlessly healthy glow.

Sturm shares “Nutrition is key in getting inflammation under control and promoting skin and overall health. I suggest to avoid / or limit inflammatory substances like alcohol, sugar, flour, as well as salt, processed or fried foods as much as possible.” 

Rather, Sturm recommends her clients consume lots of anti-inflammatory foods such as cherries, blueberries, blackberries, green leafy vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, olive oil and tomatoes. In addition to this, aim to consume foods rich in Glutathione - a potent skin-boosting antioxidant.

Glutathione can be found in foods such as asparagus, capsicum, carrot, broccoli, avocado, squash and spinach. Fatty fish like salmon and ocean trout are full of Omega-3 and anti-inflammatory too (aim for wild-caught if possible).

"Another small skin-loving adjustment can be replacing your afternoon coffee with a Japanese green tea or Matcha" notes Sturm, (cue our PEARL Marine Collagen Matcha) for anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant benefits.

Voila! We’re off to our local farmers market to stock up (with our PEARL Matcha in hand).