Lisa Wipfli Shares Her Beauty & Wellness Regime

Everybody has their own personal path to their beauty and wellness routine. In our Par Olive Profiles, we interview some of the world's most intriguing people about their personal beauty and wellness routines. We get up close and personal to explore their individual take on beauty, wellness, self care and confidence.

Lisa Wipfli has become a treasured friend of our brand. After taking PEARL for 6 months and experiencing the incredible results, we were thrilled to bring Lisa onboard as our Brand Ambassador. Below, Lisa kindly shares her approach to beauty and wellness, how it has evolved in the past 2 years and her best life advice. 


Lisa, welcome to Par Olive Profiles, how has the past 12 months been? 
Thank you for having me. I’m grateful to be part of Par Olive Profiles. The past 12 months has been a year of challenges, self discovery, family bonding and adaptation. There’s been some high’s and lows but we’ve come out stronger and definitely more grateful for the slower paced life and simple joys. 


How did your beauty/ wellness routine evolve in and out of lockdowns?
If I’m honest it was a rollercoaster ride of drinking three litres of water a day, eating healthy and doing regular masks and dyi treatments. Then switching to eating badly, staying up too late, not taking care of my skin and feeling like a dull and lifeless blob. One thing I got very good at was tinting my own eyebrows and applying a regular peel to exfoliate my skin. I’m not sure I can say it’s evolved, but I certainly appreciate having professional beauty treatments more than ever. 


Could you share your first beauty memory?
My mum has always been big into makeup and skincare, which is why I think it’s such an important part of my everyday routine. My first beauty memory was watching my mum put her makeup on every morning whilst we were having breakfast. I would watch her curl her eyelashes and do all this stuff to her face and I’d think ‘that seems like a lot of effort’. Now jump forward a generation and I make a pot of tea every morning and do my makeup at the dining table while the kids eat breakfast. I’m sure Francesca, Ted and Jack are thinking exactly what I was thinking as a child. 


How has your approach to beauty changed over the years?
It’s changed a lot in that I’ve learnt to focus primarily on clear glowing skin as apposed to masking it with makeup. I went through a problem skin phase which impacted my self-confidence alot. I would try and hide the pimples with a mask of foundation and bronzer, which was just a constant battle. I think that’s why now, I’m so passionate about having a really healthy skin routine. 

I’ve learnt to simplify my skin routine and only use the products that really work for me. It’s certainly taken years of trialling many products and a lot of money spent but I’ve finally found the products that work for me. 


Could you share your top 5 beauty essentials, and then your top 5 wellness essentials?

  1. Pearl Marine Collagen Powder (of course) 
  2. Aspect Minerals liquid foundation
  3. Scott & Sullivan Cleansing Pad
  4. Rationale 1 to 6 step skincare regime 
  5. Aspect Probiotic mask 


  1. Pearl Marine Collagen Powder 
  2. Pilates (online or in a studio)
  3. Nuutrition Daily Balance shake for breakfast
  4. 15 minutes on my Zen Chi machine every night 
  5. Infrared sauna 


What's your current skincare regime like?
I take my makeup off with Scott & Sullivan wipes, then I use the Rationale six step program day and night. Once a week I’ll put an Aspect Probiotic mask on and Scott & Sullivan at home Peel. 


Could you share your favourite way to take PEARL?
I take it every morning and some nights. 

Every morning I have a Nuutrition Daily Balance shake with coconut water and add two tablespoons of PEARL. 

In the evening, I have a Luka Wellness Superfood hot chocolate with oat milk and add one table spoon of PEARL. 


What has been the biggest change you’ve seen by taking PEARL consistently? 
Consistency is key, and I’ve been taking it religiously for over a year now. The most noticeable change is the skin on my face. It’s clear, bright and glows. I’ve used many other collagen powders and nothing has given me results like PEARL. 


What do you hope to achieve in the next 10 years?
I hope to constantly grow as a human (not literally although that would be nice, I’d like a few more inches), to continue to read and learn and try new things. I don’t ever want to think ‘I’m too old to start doing that’. I ultimately would like to make sure I’m the best version of myself and be the best role model for my children as they grow from children to teenagers (dear god that’s a terrifying thought). 

Sure I have my own business goals, however I won’t bore you with those. 


If you could share one piece of beauty, wellness or life advice with your younger self, what would that be? 

Work on being comfortable in your own skin and be happy to be unique. I spent years worrying about what other people thought of me. Be yourself and don’t make any apologies for it. 

Try everything in terms of exercise to find the thing that works for you. Yoga, Pilates, hard-core cardio work-outs, martial arts, have a fitness passion (even if you only do it twice a week) you will feel so much better for it. For me it’s Pilates. 

Also, be selfish. Say no to a social engagement or a work commitment if you need some ‘me’ time. You’ll be a better person for it and you’re mental health will thank you for it. 

Don’t follow beauty trends, find a classic icon who stands the test of time as your role model for beauty.