Kate Bucceri on Motherhood & Her Go-To Beauty & Wellness Products

This Mother’s Day,  we had the pleasure of chatting with Kate Bucceri about all things motherhood, beauty and wellness. Kate is a wife, mother and the PR Manager for Tiffany and Co in Australia. With a refined and elegant aesthetic that touches her wardrobe, beauty and interior style, Kate started her Wardrobe Diaries on Instagram @katebucceri in Sydney lockdown, displaying the importance of self care and daily rituals, even in times of isolation. 

Here, Kate shares her top beauty must-have products, her wellness regime, products she cannot live without, and the best beauty advice she's ever received:

Kate, it is such a pleasure to have you as part of the Par Olive community. Could you share your earliest beauty-related memory?
My earliest memory would be lusting over all my mum’s beauty products and perfumes. My mum has impeccable taste and skin, so I used to sneak in and smell her perfumes and try her expensive creams when she wasn’t looking! She always instilled in me that looking after your skin was the most important thing you can do and how important it is to take the time now to invest in your routine for the future. 

Could you share with us your personal relationship to beauty and wellness, how does it factor into your self-care regime?
I have always had a huge interest in beauty, particularly skin health and wellness since I was young. After suffering from bad skin when I was a teenager, I was always conscious of what I put on my face or in my body. I started to really look at what I was putting into my body when we decided we wanted to have children, about 3-4 years ago. This is when I started taking digestible skincare and I have never looked back. It is now a part of my daily routine, much like putting on my sunscreen. 

What does your beauty and wellness routine look like? As a wife, mother and PR Manager of Tiffany and Co?
Well it used to be more indulgent before my son Gio came around, but I start my day by drinking at least 1L of water followed by a coffee with my PEARL Coconut Milk Superpowder. After this I splash my face with cold water and apply my morning skincare routine. If I am lucky enough, I would have made it to the gym for an early morning run and stretch. I am a prolific early riser, quite often up at 4am so I like to use this time purposely if I can. I try and drink at least 3L of water a day and I’m currently obsessed with apple cider vinegar in hot water to aid digestion. 

At night I always double cleanse my face, follow with my nighttime skin routine and moisturise, hopping into bed around 9.30pm. I am addicted to my phone, so consciously trying to limit my screen time in the evening. A good night rest does wonders for my mental health, so I always try to prioritise going to bed early. 

What are your 3 makeup staples?
EyeLash Tints 
Cream Blush 

What are your 3 wellness staples?
PEARL Marine Collagen Superpowder (Coconut)
Water – lots of it
Apple Cider Vinegar 

How do you take your PEARL Marine Collagen? 
I love the taste of the PEARL Marine Collagen (Coconut) in my coffee. Otherwise I will add the PEARL Marine Collagen (Unflavoured) to my water throughout the day. 

The best beauty advice you’ve ever received?
Invest in your skin. Instead of buying expensive makeup and facials I prefer to invest in quality skin care products and quality digestible skincare like PEARL I can use every day at home. I prefer to take the time each day to invest in myself and create that consistency. 

The best motherhood advice you've ever received?
OOOOOO that’s a tough one, I actually found all the advice to be overwhelming at first. But I would just say, do what’s right for you, your partner and your child. Block all the noise and expectation and focus on what’s important – making sure your child feels extremely supported and loved.