How To Cultivate More Self Love

Par Olive Olivia Boyd-Smith How To Cultivate Self Love
Some have heralded the force of love for making the world go round. Many of us know the pain caused when the feeling is not returned. In life, we are surrounded by love all around (enter Love Actually), however, how often do we actually emphasise the importance of self love? True self love is the foundation for a healthy relationship with self, and with a partner for a happy, fulfilling life. Daily habits and practices of self love will bring compassion, joy and gratitude to our day to day life.

Below, we share our Par Olive top self care tips to integrate this V day to show yourself the love you deserve: 



Starting small, be consistent and purposeful with daily practices. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every morning and evening, walk for 30 minutes a day, journal every morning / evening, set your workout classes for the week on a Sunday, cook nourishing and healthy meals for the week ahead. 

Select 1 or a few items above and create a routine you love and crave. You will start to reap the benefits in no time, and your confidence will build by being consistent with your daily practices of self care.


We all have a negative inner voice, some louder than others. Acknowledging this, and controlling your inner dialogue with affirmations, meditation and journalling is a lifelong lesson that will continue to serve you. Select 2 positive affirmations a week and start with reading them to yourself every morning. Try the below:

- I am loved and protected

- I deserve the highest level of love and respect

- I am strong and resilient

- I have limitless potential

Show yourself unconditional love, and talk to yourself as you would a loved one or best friend. Tuning in and working to control your inner dialogue will improve your relationship with self, partners and professionally. 


Lastly, work on becoming at ease in your own company. That can be a weekly or monthly date with self such as a sauna, visiting a new local bakery or cafe, taking yourself to a new gallery or spa. This practice is called The Artist's Date in the book "The Artist's Way". This time alone is said to cultivate confidence and unlock space for creativity and freedom. Time alone enables us to process, reset and tune into ourselves.