Ingredient Spotlight: Australian Kakadu Plum

Par Olive PEARL Marine Collagen Olivia Boyd-Smith
Vitamin C has come a long way from those gigantic chewables we inhaled as children. The sour / sweet kind that you rather enjoyed, that would aggravate the roof of your mouth. Ring a bell?

Now we know, and do better (most of the time), we know increasing Vitamin C intake does so much more than increasing our immune function, but rather also increases our skins vibrancy and health, and is a powerful skin antioxidant to assist in protection against UV induced photo-damage. 

With this knowledge, our expert Par Olive Dermatologist included our homegrown superfood Kakadu plum as a hero ingredient in our best-selling PEARL Marine Collagen formula. Australian Kakadu plum contains more than five times the antioxidant content of wild blueberries, and we include 60mg per serve - over 90% of your RDI of Vitamin C in every serving of PEARL Marine Collagen.

Whats more, Vitamin C is also imperative for collagen absorption, meaning increased absorption of our wild caught Norwegian hydrolysed collagen peptides will lead to maximum results for skin, hair and nail health.

Seeking brighter, firmer skin? Your daily serving of PEARL, with a balanced nutritional approach including a diet of oranges, lemons, grapefruits, strawberries and cruciferous vegetables will get you there.